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September 23, 2016

All balancers have stainless cables, anodized aluminum housing and only one (1) spring assembly is needed, Assembly includes cable drum and sealed bearings.   TFR 10-2500 Balancer 18-22 lbs. 8 ft. Cable Travel TFR 14-2000 Balancer 22-31 lbs. 6.5 ft. Cable Travel TFR 14-2500 Balancer 22-31 lbs. 8 ft. Cable Travel TFR 18-2000 Balancer 31-40 lbs. 6.5 ft. Cable Travel TFR 22-2000 Balancer 40-49 lbs. 6.5 ft. Cable Travel TFR 25-2000 Balancer 44-56 lbs. 6.5 ft. Cable Travel TFR 35-2000 Balancer 67-78 lbs. 6.5 ft. Cable Travel TFR 45-2000 Balancer 79-100 lbs. 6.5 ft. Cable Travel TFR 55-2000 Balancer 100-122 …

Vacuum Transfer System

September 09, 2013

The Vacuum Sanitation System uses hot water, steam or chemicals to sanitize product and work surfaces by collecting the solution and debris in a vacuum canister for disposal. A central vacuum system can be designed for multiple work stations and sanitation needs.  The Vacuum Transport System is designed to collect and transfer edible or inedible products by the use of collection hoppers, vacuum tubes or hand held tools. The products could be transferred to multiple receiving canisters and deposited for packaging or disposal. This system works well in situations where conveyors may be impractical.  The following are some of the …

Standard Spray Nozzles

August 01, 2013

SuperKlean spray nozzles have rear mounted levers which reduce hand fatigue and offer smooth lever action. The valve seat in all SuperKlean nozzles is an integral part of the nozzle body. Variable spray patterns, adjustable from fan spray to solid stream, is one of the many features offered by SuperKlean spray nozzles. Water conservation is assured upon release of lever by the drip-free automatic shutoff feature. SuperKlean spray nozzles are available in: – Brass (3 lbs.) – Anodized Aluminum (1.69 lbs.) – 300 Series Stainless Steel (2.78 lbs.) Rating:150 PSI / 200° F (93° C) NOT FOR USE WITH STEAM …

Quality Grating Supplies in Stock Now!

December 02, 2012

HOW TO SELECT GRATING When selecting grating, we suggest you consider the following: – Environment – Loading – Impact Environment where grating will be used should be considered including corrosion level, temperature, etc. The load requirement at different spans should also be considered. AVAILABLE RESIN SYSTEMS – Ortho/PFR: flame spread = 20 – ISO/IFR: flame spread = 15 – Vinyl ester: flame spread = 15 – High Fire Retardant IFR: flame spread =10 – High Fire Retardant VFR: flame spread = 10 – Phenolic: flame spread = 0 – Food Grade – Translucent


June 04, 2012

A Patented Sealing System with water cooled hold down bars and continuous temperature sealing element. This system minimizes “pulled in” corners and reduces the frequency of replacement of sealing elements. (6-8 months replacement time based on average production ) Seals through any bag thickness, through creases and most contaminates. Control of time, temperature and pressure of sealing bar reduces leakers to a bare minimum. (currently in production with less then 1% leaker rate) RA-200 Advantage An Entry Level Packaging Machine A Simple and Reliable Machine that Offers The Lowest Cost of Ownership in H/F/F/S Packaging An Entry Level Packager with …


June 04, 2012

Orion Equipment, Inc. is a buyer and seller of new, used and reconditioned meat and food processing equipment.  Our high quality American Legacy ™ line of new equipment is competitively priced and can be built to meet your custom needs.  We also carry a number of well known brands, with many items in stock in our warehouse. Our fiberglass grating product line, new and used saws, blenders, dumpers, and wash down products highlight just a sampling of items which allow us to serve many diverse market applications. The quality equipment and services we provide have allowed us to enjoy consistent …

Tripe Processing Equipment

May 03, 2012

This model is utilized for the cleaning and refining of beef tripe and omasum, with or without chemicals. The R25 is designed with a chemical injection pump system to introduce up to four different chemicals during the processing phases. The system can also be used without chemicals. The centrifuges are made entirely of AISI304 stainless steel. The units are equipped with a pneumatic system for opening the upper chamber which is ideal for internal cleaning and quick maintenance repairs. It is supplied with an integrated electric control panel with a PLC making it completely automatic. The main control panel is …

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