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Butcher Boy TCA22 2HP Table Top Meat Grinder


Specifications: TCA22

MOTORS AVAILABLE: 1 HP-120 volts single phase, 1 ½ HP-240 volts single phase, 1 ½ HP or 2 HP-240/480 volts three phase.

ELECTRICAL: 120-volt single phase equipped with 15-amp “U” ground molded cord set. 240-volt single phase and three phase motors equipped with connecting cord without plug. All TCA22 GRINDERS except the 120-volt single phase unit have motor starters with overload relays and 24-volt controls.

CONSTRUCTION: Frame, housing and pan are made of stainless steel. Pan and bowl are easily removed, without tools, for easy cleaning. Pan is larger, deeper and of heavier gauge stainless steel than previous models.

CUTTING GROUP: The standard cutting group is of precision machined gray iron covered with hot dipped tin. The guard is aluminum. An optional cutting group of stainless steel is available. The guard is stainless steel.

POWER TRANSMISSION: Power is transmitted from the motor to the ball bearing supported, hardened helical gear, oil bath lubricated gearbox by v belt and pulleys. The feed screw is driven by a replaceable iron chuck allowing the wearing parts to be replaced easily. Thrust from the feed screw is taken up by a large thrust bearing in the gearbox.

CONSTRUCTION FEATURE: A special chamber with drain holes between the gearbox and the bowls product area prevents intrusion of product in the gearbox or lubricant from the gearbox contaminating the product.

CAPACITY: Depending on plate size and product the grinding capacity of the TCA22 will be from 18 to 30 pounds per minute.

ACCESSORIES: The TCA22 comes with a stomper, parts list and instruction manual. Knife and plate are not furnished with the machine but maybe ordered separately.

MACHINE SHIPPING WEIGHT: 143 Pounds (65 KGS) Net. – 161 Pounds (73 KGS) Gross.