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Vacuum Transfer Systems


The Vacuum Transport System is designed to collect and transfer edible or inedible products by the use of collection hoppers, vacuum tubes or hand held tools. The products could be transferred to multiple receiving canisters and deposited for packaging or disposal. This system works well in situations where conveyors may be impractical.

The following are some of the uses for the system:

  • Trimming collection
  • Floor and work station clean up to reduce water usage
  • Transfer product for further processing or packaging
  • Transfer bone or scrap for disposal
  • Spinal Cord removal and containment
  • Assist with the lifting of items to reduce employee stress

The Vacuum Transport Systems we offer are individually designed for your needs.

The Vacuum Transport Systems that we offer are individually designed to fit your needs.  They are created to transport parts of the animal to another area of the plant.  They are highly efficient and cost productive.  Please call for a quote.